KA Racing KA-Pro Handbrake

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Introducing the first product in KA Racing’s KA-Pro product line, the KA-Pro Handbrake. This handbrake has been designed to be the best handbrake on the market and thus has no compromises in its fit, form, or functionality. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is for the professional driver or builder that wants the best of the best. 

  • Designed using topology optimization and rigorous on-track testing, material has been strategically placed to provide the strength needed to battle deflection during operation while maintaining a lightweight assembly. All the major components are comprised of CNC machined aerospace grade Aluminum 6061 or 316 Stainless Steel to promote light-weight construction and corrosion resistance for long lasting operation. The handle rotates on a combination of thrust and needle bearings at the rotating joints for extremely smooth operation. Extra tight machining tolerances and proper hardware selection ensure that there is no slop in the handbrake both in the fore/aft and side-to-side directions, eliminating the commonly seen “floppiness” of most handbrakes on the market. 
  • The handle has been designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to operate.
  • Designed to use a floating style Tilton 78 Series master cylinder which offers the latest in racing master cylinder technology and has been designed for long-lasting and consistent operation. This is due to the elimination of side thrust in the master cylinder bore with their one piece piston/push-rod and rear spherical bearing mount that allows the cylinder to rotate as the handbrake handle is pulled.
  • If you are part of a hardcore racing program and/or love data acquisition, this handbrake also has provisions for mounting of a Texense RSL linear potentiometer. This data can be used for optimization of handbrake usage or for fault finding when used in conjunction with other sensors. 

This handbrake requires the use of flexible lines at the inlet/outlet ports due to the movement of the master cylinder. 

Master cylinder sizing follows the same guidelines as all other handbrakes, with ⅝” or ¾” being the common choice. If you need help choosing a size please contact us!

-4AN Inlet/Outlet fittings will be provided. Remote/direct mount reservoir available separately. Mounting solutions for the Tilton remote reservoir available soon. 

Please contact mike@karacingmotorsports.com for any further questions.