Feal Suspension Adjustable Bump Stops (FABS)

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Feal Suspension has been tuning suspension movement with bump stops for many years, from corporate suspension tuning to serving as the suspension engineer on top level racing teams at the track. We love changing the bump stop engagement at the track and quickly seeing results. But we seriously hate how long it takes to install and remove spacers and bump stops on coilovers! 

So we created a bump stop system that quickly adjusts without dismantling the coilover and/or sticking shims on the shock shaft. The Feal Adjustable Bump Stop (FABS) simply threads onto your existing Feal 441, 442, 443, or FPS kit. After installing, you can adjust the bump stop engagement up to 40mm sooner by simply turning the FABS. The FABS built-in ruler allows you to adjust to within 1 mm of precision.  

The FABS is also a great tuning tool for those that run very aggressive wheel fitment and/or very low ride height. You can adjust the bump stop to engage right before tires, suspension arms, or any other interference occurs. 


Up to 40mm of bump stop engagement adjustability

Adjustability to within 1 mm of precision

Incorporated adjustability ruler gauge for ease and accuracy 

Includes Feal progressive bump stops 

Machined from light weight billet aluminum 

Polished and anodized 

Fits Feal 441, 442, 443, and FPS kits

*The FABS will only fit our standard 50mm shock bodies with 12.5mm and 20mm shafts. 

**Combo 12.5mm + 20mm Shaft Diameters require a Full Set(4)

***Combo 25mm + 40mm Bump Engagement Ranges require a Full Set(4)