Wisefab Front Drift Suspension Kit - Nissan 350Z (Z33) 2003-2008

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  • 65 degrees of lock with parallel steering. As an option, there would be a possibility to buy Ackermann adjustment kit. You could tune your steering geometry either towards positive or negative Ackermann in just a few minutes even at trackside without messing up an alignment.
  • About the same weight as original aluminium suspension. All the metal components on Wisefab 350Z front suspension are from high strenght steel, including sheetmetal components, tubes, tube ends and rod end housings. Rod ends and spherical bearings are used, no rubber bushings.
  • Lower links are replaced with one arm. 2 lower links would have some benefits for circuit racing, but for drifting with higher steering angle the stiffness and packaging would become an issue. Therefore lower one piece arm is used.
  • Higher roll center (RC). Lowering the car would mess up the original factory designed kinematics, especially with MacPherson suspensions. This kit brings the front RC up on a lowered car, providing higher roll stiffness and allowing removal of the front anti roll bar (swaybar) that would be quite difficult to package with the high steering lock angles.
  • Revised steering geometry (Ackerman). Factory designed steering geometry is engineered so that all the wheels are rotating around a certain corner's center, which means that during normal driving the inside wheel is steering much more than outside wheel. During drifting the corner's center compared to the car's position is not where factory engineers were assuming it to be and thus the front following wheel creates a massive drag that wears out the front tires and forces the car to spin. For that reason the front wheels need to steer more equally for drifting applications. There isn’t any clear answer how much Ackermann or Anti-Ackerman there should be, but during testing Wisefab has dialed in an Ackerman range suitable for most drivers. 
  • Good camber control with high steering angles. With high steering angles, the leading wheel will have positive camber, which is not a positive effect. It reduces the front grip and during turn or flick it creates a contact patch transition from inside edge to outside edge. Camber change during steering is caused by a combination of caster and KPI. It is not possible to eliminate camber change, but with Wisefab's geometry it has been decreased as much as possible.
  • Steering jacking control. During steering the vehicle's chassis is moving up and down – this is called jacking. Steering jacking is caused by combination of caster, KPI, trail and scrub. On road cars, this effect is used sometimes to balance the car or to help to turn in. During drifting, when steering angle is much bigger, jacking is also bigger, even with the same geometry and it could become a problem. Wisefab's geometry reduces the effects caused by jacking.
  • Predictable self-alignment torque. With certain suspension geometries, at high steering angles it is possible that the steering wheel will lock up at the end and the driver needs to apply some force to flip it to other side. It is annoying and risky, especially at high speed. Wisefab has implemented fixes for this into their geometry. 

  •  Adjustable spring and shock absorber motion ratio. The shock lower bracket has 3 attachment possibilities, which allows to change suspension stiffness and handling very quickly.

Other components, packaging and clearance. This kit assumes coilovers to have enough clearance. Ride height is designed to be ~80mm from front subframe to ground Dependent on rim width and ET, wider fenders or fender flares would be needed. Inner wheel wellsdo not need to be modified with tire diameter up to 635mm (215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/40R17, 225/40R18 etc). Minimum rim diameter is 17”. Recommended backspacing is ~135mm (7“ ET45; 8“ ET35; 9“ ET20). If ET is smaller, then wheels stay more outwards, if ET is bigger, then spacers need to be used. The kit is designed and manufactured the way that after installation and toe adjustment it’s ready to use right away.