FIsch Racing Team JZ to CD009/CD00A ADAPTER SYSTEM

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We are happy to offer what is hands down the best JZ to CD009 adapter kit on the market!

There are two clutch options to cater to each individual's needs: SINGLE or MULTI, either option is extremely comprehensive and include everything you need for a seamless swap. The SINGLE option is a single plate flywheel that is 14lbs and will work with ANY good quality 350Z/370Z/G35/G37 clutch. Our MULTI option utilizes a 13lb flywheel and is designed to work with the TILTON 7.25” racing clutch, and is available in different variants of dual, triple and quad, in metallic, organic, or carbon.


  1. Cast Bellhousing (Pre-assembled w/TILTON HRB, GOODRIDGE lines, Fisch pass-throughs, integral bleeder and cover plate)
  2. Billet Chromoly flywheel
  3. Input shaft and transmission case cutting guides
  4. Bellhousing bolts
  5. ARP flywheel bolts
  6. Input shaft bearing spacers
  7. Pilot bearing with adapter
  8. Input shaft seal
  9. Bellhousing gasket
  10. Energy Suspension transmission mount
  11. Serialnine CD999 shifter (optional)

Multi-Plate Clutch Options:


  • Tilton OT-II 7.25” CERAMETALLIC CLUTCH 2-Disc: 820 lb-ft (1115 Nm) Part Number 66-302UG
  • Tilton OT-II 7.25” METALLIC CLUTCH 3-Disc: 720 lb-ft (978 Nm) Part Number 66-003UW
  • Tilton OT-II 7.25” METALLIC CLUTCH 3-Disc: 840 lb-ft (1142 Nm) Part Number 66-503HORA
  • Clutch disc sets must be ordered seperately. CD009 have 24 teeth and 1” Input Shaft Diameter

OS Giken

  • OS Giken TY031-BF62 -TR2CD for 1JZ/2JZ w/ Nissan 24 Spline Hub 700 lb-ft (950 Nm)
  • OS Giken TY031-CH52 - R3C for 1JZ/2JZ w/ Nissan 24 Spline Floating Hub 900 lb-ft (1220 Nm)